There is a Psychologist in the Kitchen. How the Media are spreading out the Psychoanalytic culture


Today in the main bookshops the bookshelves dedicated to psychological, psychoanalytic and psychiatric questions are almost empty; the orthodox and traditional psychoanalytic therapies are worldwide considered out of fashion, but in the same time on the media the psychological approach is spreading out.

I will investigate how the popular narrative is nowadays taking themes, methods, suggestions, characters and situations from the psychological scientific field to fulfil television dramas and series.

The famous television series In Treatment, with a psychoanalytic setting, is simply the most evident example. I would like to consider how the psychological methods have been actually used to spread a contemporary image of the analytical setting and of its limits.

In treatment, Lie to me, Black Mirror, Thirteen reasons why, Atypical will be my television series corpus.

The radical change of the role and of the image of the psychotherapist will be analysed trough the popular reception, from television series to new approaches (as the creation project of a new App on the phone in order to check mental diseases).

I will take my theoretical statements starting from the traditional psychoanalytic approach to movie production (Christian Metz, Le signifiant imaginaire. Psychanalyse et cinéma, 1977) as well as from the contemporary approach (Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, Psychoanalysis, Film, and Television, 1997), dealing with the main topics of the scientific literature (André Green, Illusions et désillusions du travail psychanalytique, 2010).

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