Giuliana Benvenuti, Università di Bologna

Giuliana Benvenuti teaches Italian Contemporary Literature and Literature and Media at the University of Bologna. During the Nineties, she worked about German hermeneutic and wrote her first book on the concept of critic in Walter Benjamin (1994). Her Phd thesis, about melancholy and stoicism in Leopardi’s works, was published in 1998. In the same years she started to be interested in G. Leopardi’s Operette morali , particular on the forms of comic, irony and satire (until the publication of a book in 2001). In following years she focused her critical attention on the forms of autobiography and of essay in some authors of the early twentieth century (Giovanni Boine and Renato Serra). In the last years, starting with the cultural studies’ perspectives, she studies the contemporary travel literature. To date the main research interest is addressed at the relationship between literature and globalization, at the creation of transnational imaginary and at the transformation of literature in the era of new media. She is also studying the contemporary Italian novel, especially the intersection between historiography reconstruction of the past and fictive construction in the contemporary novel.

Recent publications include the following monographs: Il romanzo neostorico in Italia. Storia, memoria, narrazione (Carocci 2012), Microfisica della memoria. Leonardo Sciascia e le forme del racconto (BUP, 2013), Il brand Gomorra. Dal romanzo alla serie TV (Il Mulino, in print). Giuliana Benvenuti & Remo Ceserani, La letteratura nell’età globale (Il Mulino 2012)

She is member of the board of  the following rewiews: «Poetiche», «Studi Culturali», «Scritture Migranti», «Narrativa», «Griselda».

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